Doha Skyline By Night

As Doha’s skyline changes dramatically so the spectacular lighting night transform, façade lighting creates a new image and marketing tool for the city, adding prestige to the country.

Lighting Design is a discipline that in the past few years has been gaining magnitude due to the raised awareness of what Light represents to human life.

Light transforms the architecture, and the urban space, creating cultural and economic value. Now a days people live through night, giving cities a second life. As Vibrant understands the importance of Lighting Design, work and discipline, we believe that with a better light we can enhance space adding quality and sustainability.

When we feel the Light, we experience the energy and the beauty. Light communicates, Light creates emotion.
At Vibrant, we are committed to bringing the best lighting solutions, and here’s how we approach light:

Façade, Towers, Landscape – Architecture

We enhance the shape with light, creating identity, mixing different scenarios, allowing the building to be sustainable, leading to attractiveness and financial value.

  • We balance different Light systems, creating dynamic spaces.
  • We understand the importance of shadow to design light.
  • We study the environment and adapt to the necessities, including the finishing, colors, and backgrounds.
Lighting Solution

We mix different types of lights sources, search the best fixture, to achieve a balanced light environment.


We use light as a marketing tool, to add value and re-enforce identity.

Natural Light / Artificial Light Balance

We use Natural Light, as it is unparalleled and extraordinary. We integrate natural Light in our concepts. We believe that our present days and future rely on the integration of the natural light balancing with artificial light.

Claudia Costa
Claudia Costa
Bachelor degree in Architecture - Universidade Lusiada of Oporto. Master Degree in Lighting Design - Universidad Politecnica of Madrid. With 10 years of experience in architecture and lighting design. Second Honorable Mention in a Public Ideas Competition in Portugal and also Portugal Finalist for the III Biennial Ibero Americana Design 2012. Claudia work has been published, recognized and exhibited internationally. Claudia works as an Architect & Sr. Lighting Designer @ Vibrant.

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