LED tunnel lighting

Project: LED Tunnel, Lusail CP05.

For any Lighting Company, the award of the first solely lit LED Tunnel in the Middle East (specifically in the GCC), is not just considered a remarkable & an outstanding award, but a historic milestone.

Being the first to furnish the World’s leading & most updated lighting technology, in a region that is competing with time to acquire the utmost modern, to fulfill the vision it promised, is just priceless.

Lusail City is the most significant modern urban development in Qatar, currently under construction 22km North of Doha. Its 35km² area will accommodate 200,000 residents, 170,000 employees & 80,000 visitors. To fulfill this plan, Lusail Development realized that the infrastructure is the back-bone of any successful community, which is why they chose the most advanced systems, highest standard & quality, environmentally friendly, and no doubt power saving solutions.

The choice for the lighting of Lusail’s first set of tunnels (CP05), out of total 18 sets of tunnels, was awarded to VIBRANT, who offered their US business-partner COOPER Industries product, in addition to smart design review & installation support. The traditional HPS & MH lighting systems couldn’t compete with the LED solution.

The choice for the lighting of Lusail’s first set of tunnels (CP05), out of total 18 sets of tunnels, was awarded to VIBRANT.

CP05, which is the first awarded tunnel lighting in Lusail, consists of 3 junctions total of ~600m. Junction no.4 is 251m long & consists of 4 lanes single carriage, junction no.5 is 274m long & consists of 4 lanes dual carriage, and last junction no.6 is ~80m long & consists of 3 lanes dual carriage.

It’s planned to have the fixtures installed in the tunnels by Oct’2014, depending on the completion of the trades that are scheduled ahead of the lighting fixtures. VIBRANT’s team is proud & excited, and looks forward to compete in new challenges, to provide solutions that meet the future requirements. In parallel, we respect the rights of the future generations, by committing to provide green solutions.

Ali Abdelhadi
Ali Abdelhadi
Graduated in the 1996 from The American University Cairo (AUC), B.Sc. in Construction Engineering. This Technical background support a lot in understanding & managing different engineering & non engineering solutions & services. Worked in different industries as Project & Company Manager makes him able to run engineering business successfully. Vibrant believes of Ali with such engineering background & diversified experiences is a great value added for the team. Ali works as Business Development Manager @ Vibrant.

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