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Now a days most projects here in the Middle East are in need of a company that allows them not only to save on money, but also provide solutions in design aspect and application.

Providing turn-key lighting solutions from the design, application to supply, installation, execution, Testing and commissioning. And these are the services that Vibrant offers and provides.

Being in the Lighting industry for more than 18 years, I have seen a lot of differences and drastic changes in the approach of handling projects.

Before, you only need to supply what's being specified for a project, but now a days everything is totally different; most projects demand extensive knowledge and expertise to come up with viable solutions, from suggesting design to performing lighting calculations while not deviating from the specification and the standards that are followed in the project.

Vibrant understands the needs of today's projects and is capable to meet its clients' expectations. Our strategic structure covers all the aspects of a Company that can provide a total Turn-key solutions in Lighting.

Vibrant understands the needs of today's projects and is capable to meet its clients' expectations.
Our structure is composed out of the following:

Aside from these services, Vibrant also has strong and strategic exclusive partnerships with renowned and known Brands in lighting. And with a staff of experienced professionals, we are foreseeing a good future in delivering this services to our clients, and we're moving forward towards becoming a top turnkey lighting solutions provider in the middle east.

Arnold Pajota
Arnold Pajota
Finished his Bachelor degree at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Manila. Started his career in lighting in 1995 at Philiitalia -Targetti Sankey Philippines. Also has 18 years working experience in the Lighting Industry in the Philippines and Middle East. He is well-recognized by the company for his committed support in Technical and Commercial solution of high quality products in the pursuit of customer satisfaction. Arnold works as Technical Manager @ Vibrant.

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